For this short we turned the sequence of film production on it's head: we developed the story through sound design, working 2 days on that and only then starting to shoot the video & editing on the 3rd day.

It was one of my most terrifying experiences (in film), and the result is a bit pretentious, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

(I recommend using HEADPHONES or good speakers).

A short film by Will Witters shot at KinoEuphoria during the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä, Finland. It was largely improvised from the very beginning. (Part 2 & 3 below).

A short film by Robert Ly shot in Vienna in more or less 3 days.

A short film by Aleksandra Marchenko and Pavel Buryak shot in Prague during the first KinoKabaret there.

A video installation that brings the forest into the gallery.

The video installation for the 3rd annual Sound:Frame Festival in Vienna.

Silenus continues the work of the artist with moving video projection (that has started in 2008). While entangling the senses it is still always potentially enlightening, especially at spots (even in a spatial sense) where the brain and the vision of the observer are caught in a trap.

A spotlight scans the scrub on a clearing, touching individual trees, making the ones in the foreground appear massive and hostile, while the residual light touches the branches of other trees in the distance: the continuous depth of the image stands out against wild form.

The pursuer (the spotlight in the projected video) is turning into the one being chased itself (by the projector inside the exhibition space). All four walls are used as projection surfaces. As soon as the cone of light leaves the surface of one wall, it follows other scenes from different angles inside the forest, processing further spatiotemporal leaps.

It is within these intervals that the pursuit of a girl seems to unfold. But who knows, maybe there is an entire world concealed, fleeing from the light – and at the same time escaping its own image.

What remains are afterimages from the clash between the perspective vanishing point / linear time and the line of flight / aeon. Caught in the middle, we are going around in circles, running the risk of getting caught in the spotlight, having become a moth ourselves.

- Marie Bendl, Bauhaus-University Weimar.

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A performative installation looking at the impact of surveillance on our self perception and body image.

A Private Investigators Dream Machine” (PID Machine) explores the relationship between self-perception, observation and surveillance – somatically, visually and through sound-architecture. A micro-choreography evolves inside the digitally compressed and layered space, where the performer’s body is constantly recreated in fleshy, amoeboid forms.

PID Machine displays processed body images. The morphing and doubling inside the projection during the live-performance creates “a cruel but simultaneously sensuous and poetic monstrosity” based on the hypothesis of video as spatial extension, as a parallel universe, where fictitious body forms can be developed and experienced.

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A Choreographical Encounter

30 choreographers and dancers from all over the world came together in Hamburg for 3 weeks, to come up with ideas for new performances together. I am trying to understand the benefits of their very open and seemingly random developing approach.

Champagne, naked chests, soap bubbles, explosions, neon flashes. A music video.

Won the “Ursula Blickle Videoaward” and the “Alice Schwarzer Award” in 2009, premiered at the second Sound:Frame Festival “EVOLUTION REMIXED!” and at the ACF in New York. Screened at Dresden Filmfest, Queer Lisboa, Lentos Museum, Videofestival Bochum. Distributed by sixpackfim.

Also, there is this awesome review on keepstill.com.

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I founded the International Random Film Festival in 2009 together with Hannaleena Hauru as an attempt to deconstruct the concept of a competition in quality and as a critique of the world wide short film festival network.

We decided that the festival would be organized annually in a randomly selected location, on a random date. So here is what we did: we went to wikipedia.org hit the button “Random Article” and the first location that popped up, was our venue for the first Edition: Wiesensteig, Germany. At random.org we found the date for the festival, and so on 24th Feburary 2010 we actually went to Wiesensteig with a laptop and tried to organize a “festival” in one day.


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Legend has it that London tap water passes through 7 people before reaching you.

Shot and edited in one day during the first KinoKabaret in London in cooperation with Philipp Kaindl. Thanks to the incredible performance of Gaetan, who was doing pixilation for the first time and Sam doing the Aussie voice-over we actually managed to finish it in the short time we had.

So first we talked strangers on the street into pretending as if they were falling, shot about 60 pictures each. Later we printed them and cut them out (big thanks to Giulia and Laure) and arranged them in motion-paths. We shot the scenes with the actor until 2am and then we went out to get pizza until 4am, when we realized that we still had most of the work left. Which we managed to do in only 4 hours, so we even managed to get some sleep before we started editing.

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Attack of the giant mutant monster snail.

A quickie, shot and edited in less than 5 hours in cooperation with Marilies Jagsch and Julia Sternthal at the KinoDynamique in Vienna, edited by Shahin Shokoui.

Used a crappy macro lens on top of a 50mm Zenit lens. #nograding

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In Uruguay the sea has a different texture than anywhere else.

We shot this at a very special place in Uruguay, in 3 days, during our holidays. Huge thanks to Willy for hosting us and for the inspiration!

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